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Free Member get Member contests.


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Meet the Member Get Member competitions

Thanks to our solution, every 100 of your customers will invite an average of 30 new ones.

Grow and activate your community

You will expand the group of loyal customers and motivate them to recommend your competition to their friends.

You will turn ordinary customers into natural ambassadors of your brand.

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The competition will provide you

– Attractive advertising material.

– Dissemination to a specific audience.

– Further dissemination of the material by competition participants.

– Built for a strong, recognizable brand.

Efficiency at your fingertips 

– On average, one person will recommend your contest to 14 friends.

– Customer loyalty (return) will increase by an average of 36%.

– The average shopping cart will increase by an average of 18%.

– The number of new customers will increase by an average of 12% per month.

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Participation in the competition is efficient and quick

With our application, the only thing the user has to do to take part in the competition is to complete the assigned competition task. For example, send a photo of the receipt (by email, via app or mobile site)

Such facilitation increases the number of people taking part in the competition many times.

No installation required

The ability to send and process photos via the website – also mobile (without the need to install the application).


The most active participants are able to interest even several hundred people in your competition!

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