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OCR, receipt and invoice scanner

Consumer receipt activation software

Customers take a photo of the receipt with the application, FB Messenger or via your mobile website

We can also integrate with your applications via API


You collect customer data without a costly hardware installation

1. Save your employees’ time to verify receipts.

2. Instant verification of receipts. Up to 10 times more submissions.

3. Save money on cards, prints or equipment.

Technology and efficiency unique on the market

  • We are the only ones to create a dedicated OCR used only for instant reading of all data from receipt photos, adapted to consumer activation. Available OCR are over 50% less effective and are not suitable for use in marketing. They also do not ensure the possibility of thorough reading of products, flexibility and dedicated adaptation to the customer.
  • We have implemented our proprietary fraud detection technology. We can easily detect, among other things, attempts to submit a different photo of the same receipt, etc.
  • We read receipts both via the website (taking a photo via the mobile website) and “live” via the mobile application. In the mobile application, we also read data from video, enabling the loading of very long receipts.
  • Standard OCR systems only return read characters. As the only company on the market, we also provide the probability of correct reading. Thanks to this, we can react appropriately if the read data is not certain, which eliminates a lot of problems related to error handling.
  • Receipts are often bent and their photos are taken from different angles and lighting. Our unique technology processes the receipt in 3D space, corrects the perspective and straightens it.
  • We analyze semantically the distribution of elements on the receipt. Thanks to this, for receipts from previously known places (printout construction) we get 100% data reading efficiency.
  • outs are different than standard and we could not adjust the algorithms beforehand, the effectiveness is 90%.
  • We pay special attention to potential frauds – we detect all attempts to cheat the system.
  • Together with subsequent receipts, we collect the most accurate database and improve the effectiveness of the solution and its security.

We are the market leader

We already process over 200 thousand receipts monthly

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