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Implement a loyalty program without the installation of an equipment

Customers take pictures of receipts with this app. or through your mobile website

We will integrate with your app/mobile website


You collect data about your clients without an expensive installation of the equipment

1. Save your coworkers time on counting your clients’ loyalty points.

2. Reduce the time of waiting in the queue.

3. Save money on a purchase/holding equipment and cards.

You don’t need to have your own mobile app. We can install the solution on your website.

A unique on the market technology and efficiency.

  • We created a dedicated OCR that is serving exclusively to the lecture of data from receipt’s photos. Available OCR’s of a general use are more than 50% less efficient. They also don’t provide flexibility and dedicated adaptation to a client.

  • We read receipts not only through the website (taking photos through the website), but also ”live” through a mobile app. In a mobile app, we also read data from videos which enable loading very long receipts.

  • Standard OCR systems are returning only read signs. We are the only ones on the market who also give a probability to the correctness of a reading. Thanks to that we can properly react if read data isn’t certain, which solves many problems connected with the error handling.

  • Receipts are often bent and their photos are taken from different angles and lightings. Our unique technology converts the receipt in space 3D, corrects perspectives and straightens it.

  • We are semantically analyzing the placement of all elements on the receipt. Thanks to that, for receipts from previously known places (the construction of a print) we are getting 100% of the efficiency of the reading data.

  • From places where prints are different than standard and we couldn’t previously adapt algorithms, the efficiency equals 90%.

  • We pay a special attention for potential frauds – we are detecting various ways to cheat the system.

  • Along with next receipts we are collecting the most accurate data base and improving the efficiency of a soluition and its self-protection.

We are already scanning more than 200 000 receipts monthly

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