2Take.it - customer activation platform | app. for events

Application dedicated to event organizers.

1. Contests, motivational tasks

The atmosphere of fun and challenges.

2. Surprises, gifts and awards

Rewarding commitment, appreciating the participant 

3. Meet other participants 

Motivate participants to get to know each other together.

Reward them for scanning their business cards and QR codes.

4. Map based on the participant’s location

Operation based on GPS

and beacons

5. Online event agenda

Perfect organization

6. Gallery

Joint integration, photos and memories.

7. Personalized communication 

Individual notifications

on each participant’s smartphone

8. Simple and fast online survey

Participants have a real influence on the course of the event, they can express their opinions.

9. Several login options

Login via media

social networks,

no registration required

After the implementation of the 2take.it application, all the above features

and benefits you will find in one place.

Download the full presentation along with examples of implementations

and results

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    2Take.it - customer activation platform